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QUOTE(Ar @ Sep 9 2005, 10:52 AM)
I meant government in general, not specifically the federal government.  You quoted one sentence out of my post, which was basically meant to send the message that people are responding to help others. I have a carload of goods that I'm donating today. I've also donated money. Have you done anything to help, besides criticize?



I'm not the one criticizing. I'm the one RESPONDING to all the criticisms! As far as what I have been doing to help, yes, I have been doing my part. However, my husband and I choose to keep our efforts and donations private. I see no need to advertise what we are doing or have already done to help hurricane victims.

I do think that the private response to this disaster has been wonderful, as it has always been when our country has been faced with a great calamity. I only hope people will be careful and check out the charities before they give. Already, there are scams popping up, and some so called “charities” are keeping most of the money for “administrative” expenses. When in doubt, the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army are always safe places to make your donations.