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I know that you are “not against us” and that you have lots of questions. The media is largely fueling questions, some of which are just plain ludicrous, like “how could this have been prevented?” That is like asking how do you spare a city from getting damaged from an atomic blast! They focus on the criminals, the poor, those blaming the government. The media is real good at picking out problems or focusing blame, but they don't like to point out things like, in this country, it is not the Federal Government's responsibility to put ALL safety measures in place prior to a disaster. Preparedness is the job of local and state governments. The Federal Government works with those local and state governments in flood control, but you are dealing with a city that sits below sea level. Those levees wouldn't have withstood a full-force cat 4 hurricane.

But it makes for a good news story to put the New Orleans Mayor on the air blasting the Feds, doesn't it, even though it was HIS responsibility to evacuate the city before the storm! Why didn't he get every bus available, take them into the projects and get those people out before the hurricane hit? Instead, the tv shows a sea of school buses under water! Why did so many people ignore the order to get out of town? Now they are the ones angry at the government and prime fodder for the news reporter hungry for an interview!

If you rely on reporters for your information, you will get a slanted view of what is really happening, with a lot of misplaced blame and fingerpointing. When you hear those questions and that blaming, stop and remind yourself, that this was a category 4/5 hurricane with winds of 145mph that hit nearly head-on. It was a NATURAL disaster, like the tsunami. The major differences are (1) that we had advance warning and (2) this disaster is ongoing…the flood continues, so the cleanup and repairs cannot. That will cause anger, frustration, and more blame. Watch out…it's coming.