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QUOTE(VEGAS LADY @ Sep 3 2005, 03:33 PM)
In Britain our British press are famous for giving a good all round representation. They have to do this by law otherwise the news channels that they work for can be fined a large amount of money.





The Brits have been are dearest and most loyal friends, standing by us in our toughest times. Such allies are truly to be treasured. But when it comes to America and fair coverage, your press is another story. Just do a Google search for “BBC bias” and you will come up with nearly 600,000 hits! Here's a good site: Biased BBC.

I hope you read other sources about this disaster in addition to your own local news if you want to get the full picture. Then maybe you will understand that defenses could not be put in place to protect from a storm of this magnitude. Just like you cannot spare a city from an atomic blast! The damage is going to happen. And if people choose not to evacuate, as so many did, then it just compounds the problems of trying to locate and rescue them afterwards. Even if levees had been built up higher, all it takes is one little breach, and the whole thing fails, flooding the city. No plan is 100% guaranteed disaster proof, especially when you're hit nearly head on with Hurricane Katrina!

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