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QUOTE(Ann and Ken @ Sep 3 2005, 08:51 AM)


The ugly scab of poverty has been ripped off for all the world to see.
90% of N. O. is poor, three generations of welfare and non education . 
N.O. IS a third world country.
Maybe that child being taken out of there and looked at by the world MAYBE in the long run will have a chance to see and feel a new way of thinking about education and work and have a better future.

What you are seeing in the press is only a drop in the bucket.



Actually, I have to take exception to this statement. It may seem like New Orleans was suffering and backwards, but it actually was far better off than that. True, the poverty level was high, but not even close to 90%. According to the 2000 Census, 27.9% of the New Orleans population was living at the poverty level. The unemployment level prior to the hurricane was very good, at 4.9% in July 2005. And, the education level was not as bleak as you say. In 2000, 74.7% of the population over age 25 had a high school education and 25.8% had a bachelor's degree or higher. Homeownership rate was just under 50%, with the median prices of homes slightly above the national average.

If that city HAD been so illiterate and filled with uneducated, the workforce could not have supported the industries that had established themselves in New Orleans. Even with bringing in qualified labor from other locations, businesses will always look to the quality of the local labor force before they relocate or establish a major operation. If New Orleans didn't have the job talent necessary to support the aerospace, service, tourism, and oil and gas industries, businesses would have long ago moved their sites somewhere else along the Gulf Coast.

Certainly there was room for improvement, but the picture was nowhere near as bad as what our international friends are now believing about New Orleans and its residents.