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Don and Margaret
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I believe it is possible to picture this in a simple way.

Take any major (500,000 plus) city in any country in the world. Cut off all services and access by flooding 80% of it from kneedeep to 20' deep. Leave 20% of the population in place. Remember that this basically happened overnight.

Now tell me honestly if you think everyone in that city could receive the aid they would need within 5 days. In any country in the world.

This has been a once in many lifetimes storm made terrible by the fact that New Orleans was below sea level. We think our government and rescue people have done a great job so far dealing with a horrible situation and that our own news people have made things (and the worlds' opinion) of us worse (as always) by focusing mainly on the things that get their programs watched and papers read.

Hopefully this will never happen again but it may. Nature has a way of upsetting the best laid plans and it is impossible to be prepared totally for anything she (nature) can throw at us.

Ann and Ken, we feel so sorry for you because you live within easy running distance from New Orleans. Your situation has to be terrible right now.