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In Britain our British press are famous for giving a good all round representation. They have to do this by law otherwise the news channels that they work for can be fined a large amount of money.

I have watched the news from N.O. over the last few days, not only have we seen people in distress begging for food and water, people looting and people banding together for safety, we have also seen the good work that the Salvation Army and the Red Cross are doing….in other words a good cross section of the situation.

The British people are far from stupid……We know that America is a very large country compared to ours and we certainly do know that it is not a third world state,( most of the British people hold a passport and a lot of us travel to third world countries like India so we do know the difference, the Brits are the most travelled nation that there is) you would be suprised at the amount of Brits that look up to the Americian way of life.

In all our large cities we have a very small cross section of people that will always take the law into their own hands these people are the lowest of the low, looting for food and water is one thing ( I would do this myself in order to keep my family alive ) Looting for luxury goods is totally out of order.

The one thing that most of the British people are asking……is why oh why were defences never put in place, yes we know that it would have cost millions of dollars
but after all these are people's lives.

Never ever think that the British people don't know the magnitude of this situation, or how much money it will take to rectify it
so many of us wish that we could help.