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QUOTE(thomcat57 @ Sep 3 2005, 11:32 AM)
Everyone should keep in mind where they are getting their information from.  Newsreporters are notorious for slanting stories the way they want them portrayed.  Get your information from as many sources as possible and you will get a truer picturer of what is actually happening with this disaster.

New Orleans is not a third world state and never has been.  It is a beautiful city with a rich, historic past.  Yes, it has its poor.  But the poor in America can't compare to the poor in any other country.  Travel around and see the poor in other countries.  The “poor” in the US are wealthy compared to those others. 

Is having “poor people” and criminals enough to qualify a city as a third world state?  If so, all our cities, in every part of the world, qualify!!!!




I was only making comment about being a third world state, by reading the comments from Ann and Ken, as they live quite close I believe.

Maybe if you took the time to read their post you could understand where I am
coming from.

Please don't think we are all stupid to the fact that we don't know what is going on in the rest of the world.