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QUOTE(Nancy @ Sep 3 2005, 04:05 AM)
Had to write again as the TV coverage of New Orleans makes it look as though it has decended into hell on earth! I can understand people getting desperate but it looks like the lunatics have taken over. It must be awful to be in the middle of all that after surviving the storm.
Why were they so unprepared was it just a case of 'maybe it won't hit us' or did the polititians not want to spend money until they had to?



This was a Category 5 Hurricane in the Gulf. It was a Category 4 Hurricane when it hit New Oleans and the Gulf Coast. It is the WORST natural disaster this country has ever seen. Why does everyone assume you can just pick up from something like this and go on? New Orleans is virtually destroyed. Imagine a major city in your country virtually destroyed. The media has shown what it wants to show…the worst…the looting…the depravity. But MOST of the people affected are peaceful. They are tired, hungry, in shock, but PEACEFUL.

You ask if they were unprepared. To a degree they were. The Corps of Engineers didn't design the levees to withstand a hurricane of this magnitude. Consequence…the levees failed. The mayors of the affected cities ordered evacuations. But obviously a good percentage of the population ignored the order (I'm not referring to those that went to the Superdome or other shelters…I mean the ones that stayed in their homes or apartments.) Then after the storm hit, the levees broke, flooding the city. The water has had nowhere to go. You see people still walking through water chest deep. That is a major roadblock to aid. Roads have been washed out along with bridges. Debris is everywhere. And so to is water. It is hard to get vehicles in when the city is still flooded. And it is hard to maneuver boats larger than flat bottom boats through the area.

It's easy to blame politicians. But it is mother nature who has wreaked the havoc. Nobody expects a storm to destroy your city. Nobody.