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Ann and Ken
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I feel like a war reporter.
Reporting from Baton Rouge —-

Helicopters fly overhead day and night , rattles the walls.
Rumors and panic fill the streets.
Overcrowding of everything .
Gas VERY hard to find.
Food can be found if you search and are not to picky.
Troops everywhere .
Phone service iffy.
Banks are just now coming on line.
Can't go out alone at night.

Ken has been working day and night at Shell trying to get it back on line so America can have Gas. He still has not found all of his employees.
Shell is sitting up trailers and assistance for those they can find but with no communcations it is hard. When you complain about high gas prices stop and think about NO gas. I would gladly pay the $6.00 a gal. just to get it.

We still have power but some days it goes off.

Some good will come out of this.

The ugly scab of poverty has been ripped off for all the world to see.
90% of N. O. is poor, three generations of welfare and non education .
N.O. IS a third world country.
Maybe that child being taken out of there and looked at by the world MAYBE in the long run will have a chance to see and feel a new way of thinking about education and work and have a better future.

What you are seeing in the press is only a drop in the bucket.