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Really laughing reading these posts! Mimi I am amazed at your story. That really takes alot of nerve to do what you did. Fantastic. And Greyhound with the Strip (joints). Margaret you won't be able to fool me with that one now!

Cannot match any of your encounters, but I did chase the celebrities whilst working in the M.East. Had to get interviews so I could write the stories. The most difficult person I met in this respect, was Sean Connery (James Bond). He was fed up giving interviews so suggested (in a nice way…..) I interview his wife, which I did in a taxi en route to the Sharjah Gold Souk. Gunther Sach's wife (who my French friends will no doubt know), was also with us. Anyway, in return for the interview with his wife, he let me have a picture taken of him for the front cover of one of the magazines I was writing for. Prince Hohenloe was the most lovely man to interview and for the Americans on the site, the Three Degrees were great! I did get into trouble for that interview by the Producer of a show they were doing as he did not give me permission to meet them.
But when you have to get a story, you cannot worry about things like that. There were other stars, but the first interview I ever had was with Mary Chipperfield. I asked her to read what I had written before going to press, but did not let on it was the first time for me……

The most exciting time was when I flew to the U.K. from the Middle East for the Rehearsal of the Royal Variety Show. I was lucky to get a free flight as a courier for DHL and thought it included the return flight, which it did not. So you could say that the money I received for the article went on the second part of my journey. Flew with Quantas, so I won't say anymore Sandra! <img src='style_emoticons//tongue.gif’ border=’0′ style=’vertical-align:middle’ alt=’tongue.gif’ />