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How talented – to sing the National Anthem, Mimi. I am utterly in awe.

Spouse and I have met quite a few celebrities. As avid tennes players Gene and I belonged to some local private Miami clubs. There we played tennis with Art Carney, Tony Quinn, Anthony Ansara (he played indian parts in movies and at the time was married to Barbara Eden of I Dream of Jeannie) and Eva Gabor. After an evening tennis game with Art Carney his wife invited us up to their suite as she had baked brownies and made coffee for us. When playing mixed doubles with Eva Gabor one day she dropped her racquet and ran to courtside screaming “there's my other husband”. While not meeting him we enjoyed watching her and Eddie Albert embrace. Tony Quinn asked me to entertain his little boy while he and Gene played men's doubles I wasn't a very good sitter as the child only spoke Spanish.

A friend was the talent agent who took care of all the stars that came into town to be quests on the Jackie Gleason show that was taped in Miami Beach. He introduced us to several of them; Donald O'Connor(very down to earth and pleasant), Barbara Eden, George Goebel, George Burns, Orson Bean, Groucho Marx are just some I can remember. Saw, but didn't meet, Tom Jones, Bing Crosby, Don Knotts, Tiny Tim. Cesar Romero sat down besides us at the club bar one evening and struck up a conversation with us. We invited him to dine with us but of course he had a previous engagement. I watched as the club tennis pro was giving a lesson to Johnny Carson. Afterwards I said hello to him as he was resting at poolside and he repied very pleasantly. Joe Namath asked our boy if he would like to have his picture taken with him. This is still one of his special treasures as is a picute of himself and Bob barker. Gene and I have a picture taken with Zsa Zsa Gabor at a cocktail pary hosted in her honor by another friend of ours.

June Taylor (the Jackie Gleason Show choreographer) attended the same art class as I and some other friends. She was nice and lots of fun with a very strong personality. She and the art instructor would enter into some heated discussions over her painting. When a local bank had a private showing of June's she invited us to the opening cocktail party and there we met Jackie Gleason.

The club pro was married to an ambassador's daughter and upon attending a Christmas party at their home met Beverly Sills. She was wonderful – talked with everyone and smiled that beautiful smile of hers all evening.

Well yeah – these are ooold timers, as are we. But what a lot of special memories.