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Most of the “celebrities” I encountered live in Houston, TX. I didn't talk to any of them.

Hakeen Olajwan (sp?) – Rockets basketball player – I was taping a university class project years ago at UH's stadium. Him being there was a surprise. One of my classmates taped him running track (with his permission). All 3 of us got his autograph. I'm not a sports fan, so I was surprised he attended the same university as me.

“Mattress Mac” – owner of Gallery Furniture – Houstonians know that he makes silly commercials. My dad saw him jogging alongside a major road by himself.

Former Houston mayor Lee Brown – My husband & I flew on the same airplane with him to Baltimore. He sat in 1st class while we stayed in coach. I told my husband that I recognized him from his side profile. He didn't believe me until we saw him at baggage pickup.

Dave Ward – Chanel 13 anchor – Recently saw him at a restaurant. He sat directly behind me.

Not a local, but I saw Bob Dole at a strip center. He ran for president and spoke there — basically, a small presidential rally that the news/radio advertised at the last minute. My husband + I happened to be near by. I took a few pictures and believe George W was there also.