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'Petals' wrote on '12:

Re prices of our solid, I must say again, that before we had the copies turning up and the empties from Canada etc., we never had the problem of items going for a song! Had that not happened, I really feel all the solids would be commanding their retail price plus…………

Oh ABSOLUTELY, Jacky ! I think the problem may have been before the copies though ! And I think before that this site had a lot more international members posting and other people saying 'hello'.

I always wonder what happened to those members . . . just losing interest and such because EL management decided to flood the market with their 'empties' rather than properly dumping them – I guess people decided then it was a waste of time and effort investing in them and the time spent coversing on this site and making friends was also wasted!

What a complete shame !! Although I sort of lost a bit of interest through paying too much for solids, I still came to this site because I value the friendships I made here. I miss 'seeing' a lot of old members?

(I was going to name them, but then it just got too sad). 🙁