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Well Erica, apart from buying ones you like, I think that so far the 2004 ones have not been up to the standard that the older ones have, and that you don't get value for money with them nowadays like you used to.

You'd be happy to pay the money for a solid you REALLY admire the craftsmanship of rather than paying for a newer solid that may be cheaper now but isn't as good a solid.

With the older solids, some of them are a 'dime a dozen' and some are the 'real' collectibles. Don't worry about them being 'sold out' and missing out . . . . they ALWAYS turn up on Ebay (in abundance after 6 months)!!

Prioritise and get the ones you REALLY like now (if you're so worried about missing out) and then get a bargain on Ebay for the ones you can. You'll probably never get the whole 'set' so just get the 'themes' or ones you will admire forever.

I think everyone has a one or two (or more) that they wonder 'why did I ever spend so much money on that one for'?

However, that is probably outweighed by the ones that they really love.