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Wow! I’m having a tough week! [Suspicious] Received two damaged items and both sellers are giving me a hard time about filing an insurance claim. They both want me to spend more money, to ship and insure the damaged compacts back to them, and they claim they’ll replace it! Since I’ve insured both of them, and don’t want to fork out anymore $$, I’ve asked them to submit the insurance claims. Bottlebaby sent me something that did appear to get broken in shipping, but she has been sarcastic and difficult to deal with, not to mention, slow replies! GN590 is very suspicious ladies! [Eek!] This is the one out of NY that sells the empty samples. I purchased the Lantern from him and he shipped it to me damaged! Two stones were missing and they were not in the envelope! The postal clerk told me they will probably deny my insurance claim because it appears he shipped it like that and he told me there’s nothing he’ll do if they deny my claim! They also said he did not packaged it properly, by sending it in a padded envelope. He sends the compacts in a padded envelope and charges double for shipping! I paid him $7.50 for priority shipping/insurance and he sent it insured, first class! He also doesn’t accept Paypal, only money order or cash, so there is no other recourse for me, except to leave negative feedback on Ebay. I just realized that I had a prior bad experience with this seller a long time ago. I bought an expensive compact and paid for insurance, but he sent it without buying insurance and it never reached me! (He did finally send me a check to refund me the price of the compact, but I still lost the shipping/insurance, just like I will this time, if I’m even lucky enough to have the post office pay the claim!) [Mad] I never fully rely on mostly positive feedback because you never know how someone will treat you, should there be an issue with the shipping. Sorry for going on girls, two damaged compacts in one week left me feeling sour! Maybe Estee Lauder can design a jeweled LEMON for my bitterness!! [New Laugh] [New Laugh]