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Hi everyone,
I am very new, as some of you know…My question this time is about the difference between the solids at the various different stores. For instance, Bloomies and Macys seem to have the same ones (a little dog, a pegusus, a youth dew cameo) yet the ones you are all talking about from Neimans/Saks seem to be more elaborate and more expensive. Are the ones from Bloomies/Macy’s worth anything? The sales person told me that they only make one youth dew cameo per year, which makes them highly “collectible”. True or Not True? I don’t have the budge to spend 250 on a jeweled showgirl (but I wish I did!! Its gorgeous!!), so I wanted to know if the lower priced ones a decent “investment” for lack of a better word. At this point, I am really only buying the ones I like that are under $100.