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HI Everyone,
I received my Strongwater solids today, the Cat and the Birdbath. They are gorgeous! Mine arrived in perfect condition with no breakage. I did notice though that the interior of the box packaging is different. The solids are just in the soft bag and can loosely shake around in the box. They don't have a custom fit piece of plastic inside to hold the solid secure. I think this may be why several of them are arriving broken. We all know how careful the carriers are with packages. They are so loose in the box, I'm sure they get tossed around inside. I didn't get the Hummingbird (opted for groceries with the $ instead) but now I am having second thoughts. ( Who needs to eat?) I am wondering if it is as nice as the cat and birdbath. In the picture he looks like he is on a box from the Dollar Tree. Maybe the photo just doesn't do it. We have no higher end stores here so there is no looking first. I enjoy reading all of your posts! Have a great day! Donna