Martha C
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Here's an update on my two-piece Birdbath. After much deliberation, I decided to repair it myself. I went to Wal-Mart and got an adhesive called Stik 'n Seal that you can use on metals, glass, brick, practically anything. Took a toothpick and meticulously placed the glue in the stem and waited for 5 minutes before I placed the top on the base. It's been 24 hours and am happy to report that it worked. I actually tugged at it, but it wouldn't give. I set it so it's not lopsided, either. I called my Saks SA and told her what had happened, and we both agree that this particular Birdbath most likely came apart during shipping. The Lily Bouquet arrived in perfect condition. I also relayed to her the problems with these two pieces. She is going to double check every piece that leaves her store.