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Thanks Martha and Michele

Your posts sure made me inspect the Strongwaters more closely than ever. Was very glad to be able to do so before purchasing. The first Tuplips I picked up a piece of the end “handle” came off in my hand. The piece on the back side must have already been missing or broken because it was not there but no piece fell off. Nice Surprise! The next one presented had a missing crystal. Found one that was perfect and have to admit that it is a really nice solid. But then I am one who loves the older enamels. The Lilys looked great but when trying to decide which of two were best I ran my fingers over the petals and ouch! thought there was a broken petal but then found it to be a glob of resin or some other rough material and then found another petal the same. No problem with the other one. Found a perfect Kitty on Chair and Bird in Bloom and Bird Bath. Never would have inspected so thoroughly without your posts. The Lilys disappointed me the most. After seeing the original sketch with the delicate flowers and vines trailing down the vase was expecting the finished product to be more delicate. Appears to me to be a big chunk of colored enamel. Suspect we might see many of them in the CC stores for a few years. Sort of like the Roller Coaster?