Martha C
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Thanks everyone for your nice comments on the photos. KK, when I was home for lunch today took a couple of shots of the Pampered Kitty (concentrated on the kitty) and the Bird in Bloom, so will post them this evening.

Pat, I don't know much about engineering (where's Ken?), but as Michele stated the vine that snakes up the base and winds around the bath is interfering with locking the two pieces together. Also, a little glob of glue is not going to hold it together, especially during shipping. These packages are not gently placed in a mail truck and when stood on end or thrown into a truck, the Bird Bath may come apart. As Lisa and Ann have said, I'm confident all will be worked out in the end.

Lori, when I first saw pictures of the Strongwater solids, I thought they looked heavy, too; but they are more delicate than they appear in the photos with maybe the exception of the Tulip Quartet.