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Ahh there it is on the small table near the window. Bob scooped up the magic lamp and the group headed for the door. Lola had been thinking …… “Bob, we wont be able to take the junk because dragon wont fit and he wont fit in the balloon either. What on earth will we do?”

Bob thought for a moment. Then he began to dig deep into a bag he had been carrying. “Phewww …… theres that darn thing” he said while pulling a cell phone out of the bag. “I knew it was somewhere in here.”

Bob dialed a number on the cell phone and waited for someone to answer.

“Freddy! Where are you?”
The voice on the phone said he was in his pond relaxing on a lily pad.
“Well get in that precious plane of yours and get over to the spooky forest right away. We need some help.”
The voice said “I'll hop right to it Bob.”

Lola asked, “Was that who I think it was? Was that Freddy the frog on the phone?”
“Yup sure was darlin”, said Bob “And he will be here in a flash”

There was plenty of room for dragon on Freddy's precious plane and it sure would get them where they need to go quick. The group went out to wait for the plane in the clearing where it could land safely.

“Well,” Lola said “all we have to do is wait for Freddy and we will be on our way.”