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Bob and Lola hit the track again and headed right back up to the Pagoda. Secretly, Lola was a bit irritated going up and down that windy rocky path in her Party Shoes, but a girls got to do what a girls got to do she thought. She hoped it would all be over soon because her little heart couldn't take much more of this !

Big Bob strode back inside and looked for the old man to ask if he could indeed have the lantern.

The old man was sitting at a table at the back with some cards. Bob sat opposite him and was told he had play for a Lucky Hand and then he would have the right to choose anything he wanted from the place.

“Oh my, I could be here for some time . . . . cards aren't my strong suit, Lola” groaned Bob as he took his cards. Lola sat beside him and put her hand around his back. “Don't worry Bob, I worked in Vegas for many years and I am you're lucky lady after all !” “Aw gosh Lola, that you are my sweet Cherry Pie !”

Bob became more confident about winning a Lucky Hand, and was sure he could be out of here by nightfall. As the daylight began to fade, Bob was still lucking out with the cards. Lola started nodding off and soon she was dreaming about flying around the world.

There they were getting in and out of their little Plane flying to wonderful destinations around the world – they flew past a Spanish Bullfight with the Matador and Flamenco dancers performing. They travelled past the Eiffel Tower, the Roman Coliseum, and then was Bob pointing out the Great Wall of China and there they were on top of the Sydney Opera House with a DJ's shopping bag in her hand ! It was simply a magical journey !

“YEE – HA !” roared Bob finally slapping down his Lucky Hand and jumping in the air with glee. Lola was rudely bumped off her chair and out of her perfect dream and in a big bear hug with Bob before she even knew what was happening !

She straighted her hair and her Party dress and tried not to look too cross at Bob for spoiling her dream before it ended.

Bob was so happy he had finally earned the right to pick his 'prize'.

He knew he had to get the Magic Lantern, for this is what would save all the true Solids ever made. Now, where was it?