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'What's the matter with Jack?'' Big Bob asked at the same time scratching his chin which was being irritated by mouse's whiskers. Big Bob and Lola watched as a worn out Jack bobbed up and down, his head nodding back and forth with the effort. ''Looks like he's tired out to me'' Lola sighed wishing at the same time that Big Bob would get a move on. ''Why won't he speak to us?'' Lola asked trying to catch Jack's attention before he disappeared back in his box.
''Don't suppose he's got a voice'' Big Bob grunted, ''Probably lost it in all the excitement and the smoke!'' ''Well either way'' Lola added 'there's something wrong and I'm sure that's what he's trying to tell us !'
''C'mon Lola! If it aint this, it's that and if it aint that then……..''
''Wait a minute Big Bob. What about the Lantern!'' ''Oh No…..'' Big Bob grunted. We've gone and left it behind in the Pagoda! Looks like we gotta go back!'' Jack's head bobbed up and down in excitement. It took them long enough to cotton on he thought to himself but no way did he want to go back with them. ''I'll wait here'' he managed to call before jumping out of his box and landing in a clearing behind a large rock!

Big Bob looked on in dismay. ''Well aint that somethin else'' he muttered under his breath not wanting Lola to hear!