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Gathering everything together they began to make plans for their journey into the Spooky Forest.

They were just about to leave when Lola cried “Wait,! we carn't go yet, poor Jack is still in the Pagoda and we must rescue him.”

Looking at the others Bob shook his head. “I just don't see how we are going to do it, look at all the vines covering the door, they must be six inches thick by now….Its impossible.”

The little dragon stepped forward, looking up at the other he said in a squeeky voice, “Just give me a minute will you, i'm only a very young dragon and I need to get my breath back between bouts of breathing fire.”

As Lola, Bob and the old man looked down on him the little dragon took one very, very deep breath. “Stand back everyone” cried Bob our little friend here is about to erupt.”

Turning towards the pagoda door the little magic dragon let out one short burst of fire, and all the tangled vines withered away.

“Good work, my little friend,”said Bob “You are going to be a very handy little dragon to have around” and pushing the pagoda door open he grabbed poor Jack and ran out again.

“How is he?” asked Lola, looking at the box that contained Jack.

“Lets get out of here first” said Bob “And then we will have a look.”

As they were about to leave Bob noticed that the Old man was not joining them. “Are you coming with us, old man?” Bob asked.

Looling at them all with sadness in his eyes the old man replied. “No the long journey into the forest is not for someone of my great age and besides all the excitement makes my beard go curly.”

Bidding the old man goodbye, they all set off once more….wondering what the future would bring, but at least Jack was safe and sound …for now.

The little mouse in Bobs pocket thought darn dragon, as he cleaned his singed wiskers……