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and closer…… he almost made it over to the chuckling group when suddenly from a near by tree, a vine dropped and quickly wrapped around his tail. The vine retracted trying to pull the dragon back into the brush. The green dragon swung around rather quickly and breathed his fire which caused the vine to crumple into a bunch of ashes.

“Oh my golly” said Bob “would ya looky that.”
Sparkling bear was shocked and had taken a step back, but answered “Yup, Dragon is a shy one but dont startle him or get him angry or your in a world of trouble”

Lola was excited though ….. she shouted “Don't ya know what this means? It means we got us a weapon against the tree creatures!”

The others realized she was right. Now they could travel through the thick brush by dragon burning them a path. They were sure that they would be able to get Jack back ……. and ……. save the other missing solids.

They began to gather some food for their quest and would head out shortly.