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As the Sparkling Polar Bear lumbered into the clearing and offerded a large paw to Bob….. Lola backed away.

“No need to be frightened, honey” Bob explained “Our friend here has come to help us” and taking the large paw in his own hand Bob shook it with glee.

Bob smiled at the bear,”Long time no see, old friend,” said Bob “I do hope you have come to help us rescue Jack from this horrid mess.”

A low growl came from the Polar Bear's throat as he looked at the Pagoda. “I could break down all the vines and branches with my strong claws” said the bear “But I think I have a better idea” and turning to look over his shoulder into the trees, the Polar Bear gave a very soft growl.

A little green head peeped out from behind a large tree and large eyes fringed with very long lashes looked over to where Bob and the bear stood. Turning to Bob the Bear explained……”This is my friend THE MAGIC DRAGON he's very, very shy and very young but if anyone can help us, he can.”

The little mouse shivered to himself ………What with bears and dragons he was better off taking his chances with the lions back in the circus