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''Oooooh'' Lola cried out in alarm. ''What are we going to do?''
''Seems like we gonna go round on this Carousel for ever Lola! Now Jack's been dragged away by a beanstalk! Oh my! Oh my!'' ''Do you see what I see?'' Lola's eyes opened wide in amazement as she tried to push Big Bob's paw away from her face.. ''That big thing coming towards us! It's sort of twinkling all over! Look Big Bob!'' ''Well I'll be…………… ''If it aint one of my relatives!'' Big Bob grinned. 'Well I'll be………..''

''B what?'' Lola exclaimed impatient to hear what Big Bob was trying to say.
''It's Sparkling Polar Bear'' Big Bob beamed ''I aint seen him in years! An with all those sparkling lights we aint got no problems no more……no more……no more…..hit the road Jack'' Big Bob sang, ''we're comin to get you now!''

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