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They soon levelled out once past the clouds and then suddenly could see more clearly below them. They were past the spooky forest and into a lush countryside that looked absolutely beautiful. They went over pastures of land, marvelling at all the brilliance of nature.

They saw a horse gathering in the clearing and as they came right over, they saw Rodeo Cowboys and Cowgirls competing. Nearby there were Standing Pigs and Roosters with a few Chicks around.

Soon they soared over high pine tree tops “Oh Bob ! How beautiful is this?!?” exclaimed Lola. Bob was really enjoying the ride too, but had his eyes peeled for a glistening prize he hoped he would be able to find.

Their balloon began to slowly and gradually descend so that Bob and Lola weren't alarmed at all. Bob spotted a winding track in amongst the trees . . . “Ah!” he thought . . . ” a track!”

They landed midway near the track and got out. Bob helped his little lady Lola out and then took Jack in the box under his might arm and strode to the track. “Which way do you think, Lola?”

“Er . . . um . . . . oh gee, Bob, I'm not sure . . . ” stammered Lola nervously. They looked left and then they looked right. They looked left again. In the distance something glistened for half a second. Bob and Lola blinked. They waited. Nothing.

Bob decided they would take the track towards the left. It was hard going as it started on an incline and became narrower and a little rocky. Lola was having a hard time of it in her Ballet Shoes, so stopped for a little break. Luckily this ever prepared girl had her Picnic Basket with her, so dined out with Bob on some Watermelon and Peaches.

The day was still bright, so soon after a little rest, they walked on and past a large lake where Bob thought would be good for fishing someday and maybe a little Rowboat with his little Princess . . .

As they travelled on, a large Marlin jumped out of the water and smiled at them encouraging them along their way . . . “this is one crazy adventure” thought Bob to himself.

The winding track suddenly turned straight. They looked straight down the track and saw . . . a magnificent Japanese Pagoda. A large Bonsai Tree was out the front and it was decorated with A Lion and Crown.

Could this be the place where they would save Jack?????