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''Looks like we are in for a bumpy ride Lola. We sure need some safety belts to hang onto here!'' Lola looked down at the track which seemed to be looming closer and closer. ''I feel quite sick honey. I really don't like these kinda rides and I just feel that I'm going to pass out any minute now!'' ''C'mon Lola, don't be sayin that! Remember we got Jack in the box and we gotta take care of him. Also darlin, there's gonna be a prize at the end of all this and I want you to start thinkin bout what you would like it to be. Maybe it's a trip to Las Vegas. Maybe it's a trip to Texas or maybe………..'' Lola heaved as her stomach did a double turn. ''I don't want any prize. I don't want to go anywhere else on this Globe! I just want…….'' ''To hold your hand Darlin'' Big Bob sang, trying to take Lola's mind off the ground rushing upwards to meet them.
''Yeh Darlin……..I just wanna hold your hand!''

''Look Lola'' Big Bob pointed downwards as the Ticket Man's face looked up at them his hand shading his eyes in an attempt to see them more clearly. ''What's he doing?'' Lola screamed. Big Bob leaned over the side of the basket trying to steady it for a smooth landing. ''Well I'll be …………'' his sentence cut short as the Fantastic Voyage Balloon began to rise . ''Well I'll be……''

The Ticket Man's finger pointed upwards sprouting a long tree=like branch. Up, up, up it chanted, as the Balloon soared higher and higher and higher. ''We don't want you here'' the Ticket Man chuckled. ''You can't get away that easily. Up, up and away, in my beautiful balloon…..'' he chuckled as the Fantstic Voyager disappeared into the clouds……