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Lola was glad that she had on her BALLET SLIPPERS as she stepped into the PINK FANTASTIC VOYAGE BALLOON. “Hurry up Bob, we sure will be cosy in this thing like two PEAS IN A POD.”

Over the tree tops they sailed, the balloon rocking from side to side, Lola wondered if this was what it felt like to be an ENGLISH RIDER.

Suddenly the balloon started to lose its power…..

“We're going down” cried Bob “And its going to be a bumpy landing “better hang onto your STRAW HAT, Lola.”

Looking down all Lola could see was dark spooky trees and their branches seemed to be reaching out to catch the balloon.

“Oh Bob” she cried “We are going to land straight in the middle of the spooky forest.”

The little mouse in Bobs pocket shuddered with fright………