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''ooooooh''Lola gasped on seeing the Magic Lantern with the key attached to the handle. 'Yes darlin aint that somethin'' Big Bob replied at the same time slowly inserting the key in the lock. ''Let's hope this is where Jack is so we can bring him back to the Taj!''
''I can't see anything here'' Lola replied, peering round the large workroom. ''Hold the Lantern a bit higher! It's kinda dark !'' ''Look honey'' Big Bob said, pointing to boxes including a Silver Jubilee Box, a Holiday Remembrance Box , Keepsake Boxes and many many more that were piled one on top of the other in the corner of the room. ''Ugh….what on earth is that! Nearly slipped and broke my leg!'' ''Think it's some greasy paste'' Lola replied ''and what's that rubbish on the floor! Seems like someone left here in quite a hurry!'' A squeaking noise alerted them both to mouse who was now scurrying back and forth. ''I think he's trying to show us something! He's trying to push one of those boxes with his little nose!'' Big Bob followed mouse to a larger box on top of a work bench. ''Heh Lola. It's Jack (as in Jack in the Box) and looks like he's been havin a time of it here! Fast asleep like he's back in them Golden Times! Even a Spangled Drum not gonna wake him up right now!'' Big Bob grabbed the large box. ''C'mon Lola, we'd better get out of here and fast before we lose him again!''

Lola held on tightly to Big Bob's arm. Her Fragrant Heart was beating ten to the dozen as they made their way out of the door and across the path. ''Oh my, Oh my'' Big Bob exclaimed as they entered the building. 'You deserve a Knowing Panda hug, Lola. I'm so proud of you for being so brave!'' Lola smiled. ''Wonder what Jack is going to tell us when he wakes up from his stupor. Looks like he has been drugged or something.''

''Lordy, Lordy'' Big Bob exclaimed, 'look at that Golden Rabbit chasin after mouse!''
With that, mouse jumped up into Big Bob's shirt pocket.

''Now to find out what's been happenin! Wake up Jack'' Big Bob murmured, peering into the large brown box…