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Over in the far corner was a big freezer box. One of the workers took a box in and there out of the corner of his eye Jack saw that one of them (quite possibly the original) had been left in there so long that he had literally frozen to a snowman ! The worker took one look at him and said “don't worry, soon I will make you into a snowglobe so you will never escape !”

Jack was both startled and almost frightened to death when he heard this. He knew he had to make it back to the Taj.

Meanwhile, in the big mansion next door, Bob and Lola were being shaken awake by an irate jester who was the night manager. “What the . . . ?” growled Big bob who didn't like to be woken up until he was good and ready. “Oh, Bob ! There's a man in our room!” shreiked Lola who then proceeded to pull all the covers her way.

“Your little journey to the unknown has invited trouble to our community !” the Jester spat out. “Jack has been stolen and taken to the other side where he will be cloned and held captive indefinitely. It is now YOUR responsibility to get him back seeing you are the only ones who have been in the spooky mansion and come out alive and unscathed ! I don't quite know how you did it, but you must consider yourself quite lucky. We were all alarmed when you two noseys left the comfort of our gorgeous hotel earlier today.”

Bob rubbed his eyes still trying to comprehend the Jester's words. “Oh, I didn't realise we were in a such a game of roulette, but all we want to do is find the missing solids and free them !” said Bob defensively.

“Oh Bob ! Is it true that Jack has been kidnapped and it's all our fault?” “Seems so, little princess, but don't worry, your Big Bob will get him back and all the others too!” roared Bob convincingly.

However, inside he was wondering just how he was going to do it!