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From the corner of his eye Jack watched as the workers methodically carried out their individual tasks. Some were assembling heads whilst others were engaged in matching vibrant coloured crystals to the square boxes. He could not believe his eyes as they produced more and more copies of him like a conveyor belt of Peas in a Pod, row after row of jack in the boxes nodding their heads back and forth, the bells on the top of their long pointed hats creating a jingling sound which echoed throughout the large room. It was like looking at his reflection in a Vanity Mirror and the sight made his Brilliant Heart beat faster and faster.

Mouse, scurried back and forth watching the workers as they assembled the disjointed parts. ''Heh Heh, what was that?'' one of the men called out. '' I thought I heard a scuffling sound!'' All eyes peered down at the wooden floor which was scattered with coloured beads and assorted objects. ''Nah, probably nothing!'' the worker next to him grunted, his Pig-like face bent closely to his Lucky Hand as he delicately applied another Desert Diamond to the outside of the box. 'Pass me that Paper Sculpture so I can check this fits. We haven't got all the time in the world so get a move on all of you!'' he yelled.

Mouse jumped up with a start landing on a bench piled high with hats of different shapes and colours. Faces of gold, coral, white and blue Cameos seemed to be staring at him from all directions. Quivering with fright he peered over the top of one of the hat boxes, watching and wondering how Jack was going to make his way back to the Taj Mahal…..