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''Everything alright Sir?'' Jack their butler asked as both Lola and Bob appeared dishevelled, panting and out of breath. ''No nothin aint alright!'' Big Bob growled, his brown and white saucer eyes now taking on the appearance of two large ping pong balls. ''My eyes feel like great balls of fire, my wife's on the verge of faintin and there's a little old mouse in my pocket whose never been so scared since nearly being caught by some ferral Ivory Cats!'' ''I did advise you both to be careful'' the butler continued, his manner taking on that of a very pompous Palace Guard. ''Shucks you did but that don't make our situation any less for what we just been through. That place is a mad house and I'm gonna have to make it up to my little wife, my little Imperial Princess, whose gonna need to relax and unwind after the experience we just been through!'' ''Yes Sir'' the butler sighed. ''Of course! I shall send a tray to your room once you are settled, unless you would prefer to come to the dining room?'' ''No, No'' Lola interrupted.. ''To the room will be just fine….. and please can you bring a little piece of cheese for our little mouse?''


''Well Lola, that sure was somethin. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect what we been through in that crazy place! Makes the mind boggle just thinkin bout it Lola. But we gotta work out why those old solids were numbered like that and what's been goin on.'' Lola sat on the edge of the bed, her Princess Pumps lying haphazardly on the floor. ''Now you mention it'' Lola began leaning back on her Polished Pillow, '' I was wondering if the numbers on the boxes showed the number of people who bought the solids. Like limited editions… know like we always asked for so we could keep track of how many solids were released each year!'' ''Yeh, I know what you mean'' Big Bob scratched his head, ''like a record of everyone with their names and …………
yeh, like all those missin people but they aint missin if we got their history!!'' 'I suppose you could say that'' Lola looked across at the Gold Buddha sitting in contemplation on an ornate table near the window. ''I just wish those imposters had never been allowed in'' she mumbled. ''Yeh Honey. I can't help thinkin that had those unscrupulous people never been allowed to do what they did, this wouldn't be happenin now!'' A huge tear rolled down Big Bob's cheek. ''Am hopin my twin brother aint in any kinda trouble! If they tryin to copy him, then they gotta alot of problems comin their way!'' ''He'll be fine Big Bob! He's probably enjoying life in the Black Forest or somewhere in Germany last time we heard!'' ''Yeh, I s'pose you're right Lola, and as I always say to you, there's no point frettin bout it! Just gotta get things sorted out Lola. That's why we gotta be heading back to that place tomorrow. Shucks Lola, we aint got no choice in the matter now!''