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Bob stopped suddenly, the words stuck in his mouth. At the far side of the room was a very large

mirror and in its reflection Bob could just make out the limbs of a Magnificant Bonzai tree and it

seemed to be growing towards them. “Lola, honey, now I don't want you to worry none but get

ready 'cause I'm gonna grab you and we are gone!.” “Oh, Bob,” Lola's voice was really shaking

now but as she turned to see the dark limbs coming through the doorway and Bob's great arm

sweeping her up at the same time, she knew her lil luck would hold out. The little mouse in Bob's

shirt pocket dug his little claws hard into the fabric, he had never been so afraid.

Just as Bob was getting ready to leap out the window, with his Lola held firmly in his arm, just like

that, the Bonzai was gone. The room began to lighten up, like a Sunshine Necklace, the window

Bob was ready to leap out of was filled with the yellow light of the Moon Bean from above.

“Whew”, honey, I ain't ashamed to tell ya how darned scared I was. How are ya, hon?” Bob was

very concerned about Lola. “I'm okay Bob, I'm not that easily broken, just a little fractured.”

“But Bob, look, the room – it's – it's EMPTY and there's NO BOXES!!! What happened? Where'd

they all go? Oh, we were so close, we had them, you touched one of them.” Bob stared at all

the empty shelves and finally said, “Lola, we gotta get outta here now, it's gettin' late and we're

expected back. We will keep searching, I promise you that.” On the way out of the creepy

mansion, Bob noticed a small Polished Stone laying on the floor and picked it up, put it in his

pocket, without saying anything to Lola and off they went back down the unkept path back to

the hotel.