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**This description will be as accurate as possible of the real sales**

September 29th was here (Im a bit early but use your imagination) ……..

The Bob stationed Jack at the far end of the large parking lot with a bull horn. He would announce the gas leak once they were all safely inside.

Bob, Lola, Freddy, Magic Dragon (disguised of course) and mouse were on the long line that was waiting for the opening of the sale. The line began to move slowly as the security team checked ID's and tickets. Each guest was stopped at a desk upon entering to show ID and sign their ticket.

When Bob and Lola reached the desk they were nervous. They were afraid that the tickets wouldn't get them in since they were magic tickets created by Dragon. As they handed over their ID's they looked at each other and held their breath for a moment. The guards accepted the tickets and Lola sighed with relief.

After passing the check point, they reached a roped off area where each of the group was handed a piece of rope tied to a cardboard box. This was to be their shopping cart. People were working their way up and down the isles pulling their boxes behind them.

There were large square mesh metal bins lined up next to each other forming the isle. In each bin were lots of a certain item at discounted prices. The first one held “pleasures” gift sets, the second had bottles of White Linen perfume, the third, cosmetic bags; and so on. There was a small table in the middle of the isle where a woman sat and on this table were various items such as MAC makeup brushes, single lipsticks, eye shadows and small items.

Just to look on the up and up Lola put a few items into her box. Bob was looking around trying to locate where the solids might be. He saw hundreds of cardboard boxes on shelves that were as tall as the ceilings which seemed to be 20 ft high. There were the cases of EL items waiting to be shipped to store locations.

It was Freddy that reached the end of the isle first. “Lola, Lola!!” he shouted. “Wouldn't your mum love one of these for her birthday?” Lola looked over and saw the small table at the end of the isle.

Strewn about on the table were about 2 dozen solid compacts. It made Lola sad to see how they were just tossed on the table. A few people were there picking up the solids and inspecting them. Lola went over and Freddy handed her a Harrods Bear. Lola looked the bear over and saw that it was empty with slight residue of the perfume left, like someone had scraped it out. There was no label on the bottom either but the compact itself was in perfect shape.

She asked the worker standing at the table “What used to be in here?” The worker explained that these were overstock solid perfume compacts and company wanted to get rid of them. The workers scrape out the perfume, take the labels off and throw the boxes in the garbage before putting them on the table for sale.

Lola and Bob were surprised. The also noticed small white stickers with the price of $25 on the bear. They couldn't believe their eyes.

They saw a few of the other usually high priced compacts on the table as well as some of the more common ones and some powder ones which were priced between $5 and $15 each.

Dragon thought it was about time to put their plan into action. He whispered to mouse to run out and tell Jack to make the announcement.