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'Well Dragon'' Bob began, ''seeing as you are now the Magic Dragon there shouldn't be any problem in your producing some magical tickets!'' ''Lola was now nearly jumping off her chair in excitement. ''Why didn't we think of that also'' she laughed nearly doing a high kick in the process. ''Sssssssh….ssssssssh…..'' Big Bob motioned to her, ''gotta be a little quiet here Lola. Gotta be careful we don't let the cat out of the bag!'' Mouse did a double twitch inside Big Bob's shirt pocket.

''Voila!'' Dragon exclaimed, huffing and puffing as he pulled out a large gold envelope from under his tail. ''Voila'' he exclaimed again, handing the envelope to Big Bob.

The others looked on in silence as Big Bob passed the contents of the envelope to each of them. Slowly they took in the wording inviting two people to attend the Sale of the Solids and other perfume items on the 29th September.

''Well done'' Jack exclaimed, patting Dragon on the back. ''Now that we have the invitation, all that is left is for you to transform yourself into a Palace Guard and one of us to accompany you as a Beefeater! All we have to say is that we are buying up loads of solids to take back to England for the Harrods Palace.
I'm sure they would appreciate that Camellia would be delighted to receive such a splendid array of solids encrusted in Swarovski Crystals and an Ivory Collection too''.

Everyone nodded in agreement. This was the plan and soon it would be put into action!

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