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As the two spooky people strained to hear the conversation across the room, they were having their own conversation. They were discussing their trip to the warehouse sale.

Yup you heard it right …. they had tickets to the sale. They were sent their by their leader (who wasn't in the spooky forest at the time of its destruction) to see if there were really that many people grabbing up solids at these sales.

You see …. they knew that more of the copies of solids were getting out from the manufacturing companies than were getting out at the sales. These sales were at the warehouses that hold the solids after they are produced. There was no production at these warehouses.

The spooky leader had his people working in the factories, they were copying the molds and taking crystals and enamel paints. Then they would make their own fake solids to pass off. They also had friends in security that would take the solids as they came off the production belt a few at a time. He had already found a number of workers from these factories that had taken items to sell for them selves.

Hopefully Bob;s group would stop the cheap sales from the warehouses. But then would they be able to stop the real culprits?

Perhaps the spooky people will trade sides and work with Bob's group ……. we will have to wait and see.