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Over cups of Cafe and Tea and some Cherry Pie, the little group continued to chat away excitedly discussing what the best idea should be for ''Magic Dragon'' or anyone else to enter the Warehouse. They were all of the opinion that the solids should be scooped up and taken away so that no more copies could be made from this particular source.

But how to do this? The question still arose as to how Dragon should be disguised. Perhaps as a visitor from overseas? Perhaps as a smaller solid secretly hidden in Big Bob's shirt pocket (much to the annoyance of Mouse)..

Or …………..could he enter as someone and then with Magic, transform himself into someone else whilst actually in the Warehouse. There must be rest rooms
and once inside, no-one would notice his transformation. So a double transformation could actually take place if necessary. That would not be difficult if the going got tough..

The others listened to this next proposition seeing so many possibilities which they had overlooked previously. ''Wow!'' Jack exclaimed, ''All these Magical qualities and with Michaela watching over Dragon , this has to work!''

Meanwhile in the far corner of the Cafe two Spooky People from the Spooky Forest sat quietly trying with all their might to hear the conversations that were taking place. Fortunately for the others, they were not picking up on everything and
as such would hopefully remain in the dark as to all the plans now being suggested for the Warehouse Sale!