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''Heh! Take it easy'' Jack groaned. ''What's up Doc?'' Mouse twitched, laughing at the sight of Jack bobbing up and down under Big Bob's arm. Jack leered back at Mouse who was peering over Big Bob's shirt pocket watching Jack's face becoming redder and redder as if it was about to explode. ''I think he's going to pass out'' Mouse twitched trying to catch Big Bob's attention. ''I think Jack's going to end up in another box if he gets any redder!'' ''A-tishooooooo, AAAA-tishooooooooo'' Big Bob sneezed at the same time releasing his grip on Jack. ''AAAAA-tishoooooo. AAAA-tishooo…'' he sneezed again and again.

'Dratted pollution'' Big Bob muttered pulling out a paper tissue from his top pocket. ''Ooooooooooooooooooh'' Mouse squealed. ''Ooooooooooooh what ARE you doing!''

''Oh My! Oh My!'' Big Bob eyed Mouse who he was now holding dangling by his tail. ''Oh My!'' Big Bob grinned. ''Thought you was a tissue.'' Mouse tried to look up at him, his tiny legs beating the air like he was trying to ride a Bicycle or a Rickshaw in an effort to regain some composure. ''You aint the tissue I was lookin for! That's for sure. Better put you back where you belong'' Big Bob said as he dropped Mouse back into his top pocket. ''Phew'' Mouse spluttered. He'd never been held up by his tail before and his backside was really sore. Next time Big Bob was having a sneezing fit he would make sure to jump out of his shirt pocket in time. What with suffocation and being gassed this was a new one to add to the list!

Jack was also amused. Seeing Mouse dangling by his tail was the funniest thing he had seen for a while. ''Is that all the thanks I get for helping you?'' Mouse said burying himself as deeply as he could into the corner of Bob's pocket…