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Dipping its beautiful wings from side to side in acknowlegdement of the hard task ahead the butterfly flew off leaving Bob, Lola and the Little Dragon standing by the side of the plane.

“Phew that was a close call” said Lola.

“Sure was honey” replied Bob taking out his hanky and mopping the sweat from his brow “Its good to have a friend like that in time of need”

“Just one thing Bob, where the heck do you think we are?” asked Lola who was really past caring as long as she was safely back on the ground.

All three of them began to look around.

“We appear to have come down in a field on the edge of a large town” replied Bob “And somewhere is the warehouse that we want, so we better collect Jack and go take a look.”

Collecting Bob under his arm and patting his top pocket, Bob Lola and the Little Dragon set off towards the town.

The little mouse thought……..If he pats his pocket like that once more I'm going to be one squashed mouse.