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The precious plane took off and the group was on the way. Bob opened the book and began to read….

He looked up and said, “The first warehouse listed isn't too far.”
“Fred. Head southeast. Were gonna make a stop.”

Freddy looked a bit puzzled. “Bob dont you see that storm brewin up ahead? It will be dangerous” he asked.

“Dont worry the luck has been with us so far and we gotta do this, we cant stop now.” Bob spoke with confidence.

The little plane changed course and headed into the storm. They were rockin and rollin. The plane tipped and turned. Lola was scared to death and the little mouse hung on to Bob's pocket for dear life.

All of a sudden the cockpit lights began to flash and that meant there was trouble. Freddy was worried. Even the dragon tightened his seat belt. Then the warning message appeared. The light was indicating that there was a problem with the plane ……. A hole! “Oh my gosh!!” yelled Freddy

One of the crystals on the body of the plane must have loosened in the turbulence and fallen out. “NASA we've got a problem!!” yelled Freddy

The plane began to take a nose dive. Everyone began screaming.

Just then from between the clouds, Freddy say something.

It was big! It was beautiful! It was blue and purple! It was a huge butterfly! it was Freddy's old butterfly friend from highschool (class of 1994).

The butterfly flew under the plane and maneuvered so that the plane landed safely on its wide wingspan.

Ahh… they were safe. Freddy signed with relief. Lola gasped! and Bob said with confidence, “I told you we got luck on our side.”