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A sudden clap of thunder and bolt of lightening stopped them in their tracks. ''Aw Lola, I aint see such a bolt of lightening in my life. It zig-zagged through the sky like there was gonna be no tomorrow!'' ''Yes, and I nearly jumped out of my skin'' Dragon replied nearly gassing everyone in the process. ''We gotta get to the plane and quick'' Big Bob replied, grabbing hold of Lola's arm. ''Don't drop those solids Lola and I'll keep the book safe. If we lose all this after all our hard work, then…………….''


''Well I'll be ………'' Big Bob began.

''EEEEEETERNAL LIFE…………….EEEETERNAL LIFE……'' the chanting continued, gradually becoming louder and louder.

They all turned toward the Forest. The trees were swaying back and forth their branches turned upwards to the sky as if pleading for help. Another bolt of lightening sizzled to the ground, followed by another and another and another. The chanting turned to wails and the wails turned to a screeching noise as the trees began to disappear into the earth followed by huge bursts of black smoke.

''The Tree People'' Lola gasped, ''the Tree People are dying!''

''Well aint that somethin else!'' Big Bob sighed. ''We finally rescued the solids and the book and now there aint no more Spooky Forest! Well aint that somethin else!'' ''Now we gotta get on that plane and find those old Warehouses and then……….'' ''And then'' Lola sighed….