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“Oh Bob, I am SO sorry I wished the last wish away for you . . .” cried Lola.

“But when you did that honey, it all came to me – I just knew what to do. Otherwise we might have been stuck out here for a looong time.

Nevermind, we have another job to do now and that involves having to travel around the world to seek out all those warehouse places . . . maybe I'll take you part of the way on an Ocean Liner so you can feel like you're on a holiday instead . . .”

“Oh Bob, you're my HERO!”

Bob put his big paw around Lola's tiny shoulders as they walked on towards the plane. It was the end of this adventure for the moment. Bob had to go home and map out the plan of attack for the next big adventure, but first he had to take his little lady out for a treat, after all she deserved some Pampering like a little Pup he thought . . . after all, she was his Lucky Charm !