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But it wasn't going to be that easy! There were people out there that needed sorting out and they were not going to be let off so lightly. What would the point have been if the Warehouse sales were not addressed? What would the point have been if the solids remained as they were and being replicated over and over again. And….what would the point have been if the sellers carried on selling the copies further diminishing the values of all the collections ? Surely these points were still valid and the imposters had to be dealt with. All these thoughts were flashing through Big Bob's mind and he was troubled by the turn of events that were now taking place.

''Lola and everyone'' he sighed, ''we will go to the Warehouses and make sure they are razed to the ground! We will go and explain to the sellers of these copy solids and compacts that they have to halt their trading and we will get hold of the molds and destroy those which should have been destroyed legitimately long long back! We will also not let anyone stop us in pursuit of fairness and loyalty to our many friends around the world who have spent their hard earned cash on something which used to bring them so much pleasure! Then we will return all our solids to their rightful place and celebrate what we have achieved!
Anything less than that would prove our journey to the Spooky Forest a pointless task!