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Big Bob's mind was racing ten to the dozen! He had one last wish BUT one last wish could incorporate many factors if the wish was made in a specific way.

He scratched his head deep in thought whilst Mouse helped him further by scratching his chin. ''Thanks mouse'' Big Bob murmured ''keep on scratching
cos I need all the help I can get!''

''I think I got an idea'' he mumbled to himself, ''but I'm gonna mention it before I do anythin else cos I don't wanna mess all this up just when it seems like we gonna get off this Carousel once and fer all.'' Mouse looked up quizzically his small nose twitching from side to side.

''Now these are some of our options'' Big Bob continued thinking out loud, ''but I don't want anyone to be hasty about them and if they have any better ideas, then I wanna hear what they have to say before we go down any route!''

'Maybe the last wish could be '' he continued ''that we go visit all those places where they have those old warehouses and burn em up! Then we could visit those people who
have those old molds and been makin those copies. I ain't suggestin we burn em up but we could hand em over to the Palace Guard and have em locked up in the HARRODS PALACE for violating the rules on sales and practice. Michele would know about all them types of things! Then we could stop anyone selling these solids which have been copied over and over again to make a fast buck. P'raps they should be locked up too but that's somethin we gotta give thought to. Gotta remember they caused all those good people out there with their big collections to lose their bucks too! Yeh, somethin like that guy did in Florida with all those $$$$$$$$ investments! So now I'm roundin up with my Cowboy Girls and Cowboys all my friends and askin them to put their ideas down here on paper so we can consider the best plan and what we gonna do!''

Big Bob sighed a huge sigh of relief. ''Seems like we're finally gettin there Lola!
All I'm waitin for now is Marg, Katita, Michele, NYSizzles, Sandra an I hope I aint left anyone outta here cos I can always add them in, to put their heads together to come up with the best solution possible! Could be we got a good ending to all of this! P'raps then Brigitte will keep everything for posperity and prosperity so we can look back and say, yeh folks that's what we done!''

plop…….plop…….plop….. A large bear tear rolled down Big Bob's cheek nearly drowning mouse who ducked back into the safety of his shirt pocket……