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QUOTE(Ar @ Dec 22 2006, 12:23 PM)
Please beware of this ebay seller who has been auctioning Estee Lauder solid perfume compacts on ebay.  I won an auction in Nov. but the seller never sent the compact and will not answer emails. Also, her paypal info does not include her address and phone number because paypal now apparently allows that information to remain private.  I don't know how they can keep that from a buyer, but they do!!!
I filed a dispute with both ebay and paypal. Paypal sent me an email that says they are too busy to respond! I finally contacted my credit card company to dispute the charge and leave the investigation in their hands (thank you, Amex!).


Hello, I had one bad experience buying on Ebay. I bought about $300 dollars in china from a new seller to ebay. The auction said they would be sending through the US Mail. They ended up sending everything via FedEx. The china wasn't packaged properly and everything was broken. I filed a dispute with PayPal. A day later the seller called and begged me to drop the dispute that she would be getting the money back from FedEx and had already filed a claim, and would send my money back. I dropped the dispute. BIG MISTAKE! I found out the box was only insured for $100. The account number she used was her employer, so that meant she would never see the refund money. Anyway I called her and she kept telling me “she was a good single mother and kept promising me she would send back my money, other excuses, dad lost his arm, etc. Once you close the dispute with PayPal, that's it with them. I contacted my credit card company and they told me that I needed to ship everything back to the seller, and I paid extra for “Restricted Delivery”, that meant that she could only sign and pick up the package. The package sat at the post office for one month. After that I called and had it sent back to me. After the month I had all the post office documentation to send to my credit card company and then they refunded my full amount. It was a long process but worth it. I never heard from the seller again. In speaking with the credit card company, PayPal will have to go after the seller to cover the funds. They say it will go to a collection company. So you always have your credit card company to fall back on if things should go wrong. Hope I didn't bore everyone but just thought you should be aware of what happens when you drop your PayPal dispute.