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Catherine – I love the cameos too! My favorites are the ones with two faces on them and also the high relief ones. If EL is going to continue to put out a cameo every year I wish they would try a different color background. Such as a mint green or sage color instead of always doing blue or coral. I also hope EL will use different faces on any future cameo solids they might produce.

Ann – I don't have any of the Ivory series. I consider them rare, but I'm not interested in adding them to my collection. Right now I'm very interested in solids that have a lot of crystals. I consider the red and clear crystal heart necklaces rare because I don't see them on EBAY that often. I would love to add them to my collection.

I loose interest in a solid when it has been made too many times. There are tons of cameos, frogs, & cats. The cat on the pillow has been made several times in different colors. EL did the same thing with the cameo. They used the same face but change the background from coral to blue or changed the border design. But there's only one giraffe, one Taj Mahal, one cowboy boot. I think the unique solids have a better chance of going up in value over time. But this is just my opinion.