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Hello Perfumemory, I checked out Harrods this morning, and guess what? They have plenty of the Judith Leiber solids but none from the group of Harrods i.e. Pillar Box, Bear and Lion Crown. To me, considering the price of the Harrods Solids, this is an indication that if people like a solid they will buy it no matter what the price. This would explain the Lion/Crown selling immediately even though it was priced at £175.

In reply to your question Ron, I would personally like a well made limited solid. I really cringe when I see some of my general line solids, purchased at full retail price, selling for a couple of dollars on Ebay! Even though I may have liked the solid in the first instance, after a while it becomes somewhat tedious to see it downgraded and flooding the market.

I truly believe that if EL produce a well designed solid in limited numbers, it will sell out.

I am wondering how many Judith Leiber solids were released? It may not be that they are not selling due to price but due to over production!