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sorry, I don't know much about this item, only that I too saw the green and also the pink one on eBay and of course bought them both. If I remember well the seller of the green one wrote something about a special event that took place somewhere in Florida and was to raise money for the pink ribbon. She told that the solids were done for this event and given as a gift to people attending. If I understood well the 2 powder compacts below also were issued for this event in 2006 and 2007.

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I got this one without any boxes.

user posted image user posted image

I got this one with it's gold box but no outer white cardboard box. The white box on the pic is only in case I'd get it one day and could easily add it to the pic.

Hope this helps and in case any one of you Florida girls should know more about these special events please let me know.